How to film a remote tour now — Our team will edit and do the rest.

  1. If you’re using an iPhone, go to your settings > iCloud > Photos > enable photos/videos to go to your iCloud. Now you are saving the best quality footage.

  2. Turn your phone or camera landscape and set it to video mode

  3. To start video: keep both of your elbows at your hips to stabilize the camera and keep it steady during shooting of the video.

  4. Walk starting at front, include all amenity space, lobby, elevator exposure, suites, etc. Walk through any available spaces.

  5. Make each area a separate video and label them (ex: Gym, Conference Room, etc.)

  6. Once you email it to us, we will build you a remote tour and add it to your listing on Coeo Space upon your approval. It’s that simple!

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