CRE Is Changing Fast—CoeoSpace Can Keep You Current

The way we transact business is constantly changing.

When I started working twenty-some years ago, many transactions were still conducted by mail—a client would sent out a request for information, the letter would take a few days to arrive, I’d spend a day or two preparing a response, stick a stamp on it, and a couple of days later, the client would have the answer. The whole process might take a week, start to finish.

But faxing was growing in popularity, and we bemoaned the way it made a more immediate response necessary. Was it really necessary that business be done so quickly? Didn’t it increase the chance of error?

Email was worse. We were expected to check it from home. Whatever happened to work/life balance? Was there no escape from the rigors of this profession?

Such concerns seem laughable in this era of instant gratification, when you can buy a car at 2 a.m., or swipe right on a potential date, all from the comfort of your own home. Hungry at midnight? Order from Grubhub and be eating tacos in an hour, or take an Uber to your favorite brewery. Want to read the newest Oprah pick? No need to wait for the local bookstore to open—purchase it from Amazon and start reading immediately on your Kindle. Need to know who won Super Bowl IV? Wikipedia has all the answers, and it’s as close as your phone.

With so much information available immediately, finding office space the old-fashioned way is much like waiting around for that letter in the mail. In the constantly-changing world of commercial real estate, failure to use current technology can leave today’s mobile professionals and businesses without the most up-to-date information on availability and pricing—and in a position that undermines their bargaining power.

CoeoSpace can help. Whether you are looking to find space or share it, CoeoSpace allows you to conduct real estate transactions in much the same way that you handle the rest of your life—on your own schedule, with immediate access to all the information you need to make your decision. CoeoSpace: commercial real estate, on demand.

Written by: Kim Pierson

for CoeoSpace

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