REACH® Class of 2019

“REACH® is a growth technology accelerator program helping launch companies into the real estate, financial services, banking, home services and insurance industries.
The REACH® accelerator focuses on providing early- to mid-stage companies with access to NAR’s industry expertise, influence and key relationships as businesses launch into the trillion-dollar real estate space. The vertical focus within real estate industries and the growth stage at which most companies enter the program make Second Century Ventures unique compared to other accelerators.
The companies chosen for the 2019 class are:

  • Amarki  A seamless, automated marketing platform that helps real estate professionals integrate their favorite systems in one place;
  • Curbio  Helps agents deliver exceptional results for home sellers through ROI-focused, pay-at-close renovations;
  • Evocalize  A platform that makes sophisticated digital marketing simple, and helps brokerages and agents collaborate to generate demand when and where it’s needed;
  • Kleard  Kleard is a safety and productivity app that provides real-time verification for open houses and showings;
  • RateMyAgent  A digital marketing tool designed to help agents easily collect, share and promote verified client feedback;
  • reConsortia  An open, crowdsourced referral consortium that builds transparency, enhances professionalism and provides an improved customer experience; and
  • Staging & Design Network  The first-ever online shared rental pool for home furnishings built for the real estate and home staging communities.

The companies chosen for the inaugural 2019 REACH Commercial class are:

  • Biproxi— End-to-end transaction platform for commercial real estate practitioners;
  • CoeoSpace — Open data CRE platform that matches brokers and users to their ideal space in seconds;
  • CRE Simple — Integrated commercial real estate lending platform delivering transparency, speed and certainty;
  • LulaFit — Luxury amenity management firm for Class A+ multifamily and commercial office spaces;
  • Trove — Boutique vacation rental service delivering exceptional consumer experiences and maximum value for property owners; and
  • Twofold — Smart, zero footprint furniture and structures for home and office space optimization.

To learn more about the REACH® class of 2019 or the accelerator program, visit “

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Posted by: National Association of Realtors
April 29th, 2019

CRE is Disrupted – The Truth

I love reading all the articles about the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Industry being ripe for disruption. I enjoy even more listening to speakers talk about our fragmented industry. They proclaim how we are waiting to experience change. They talk about how businesses continue to lease space the same way they always have. Well, it’s time to wake up! CRE has in fact been disrupted. Business are making different choices.

Businesses are making different choices

I love reading all the articles about the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Industry being ripe for disruption. I enjoy even more listening to speakers talk about our fragmented industry. They proclaim how we are waiting to experience change. And businesses continue to lease space the same way they always have.
Well, it’s time to wake up! CRE has in fact been disrupted. As a result, businesses are making different choices. I’d like to introduce you to what was once a little CRE niche. It’s called co-working. Let’s review the truth about what co-working really is and how much it is really changing CRE.
So many people think co-working is just giving a solo entrepreneur a place to work, besides the local Panera. However, it’s much bigger than that. All sized businesses, including major corporations, have embraced co-working.
Enterprise level companies are signing long term, sizable leases across the country. Those leases are not always with a traditional office building Landlord. For instance, businesses are signing with Novel Co-Working, Serendipity Labs, Convene, and WeWork instead. The deals are for 6-, 20-, 50-, 200+ person offices. If that’s not a disruption, I’m not sure what is.

ACE stands for Agility, Culture, and Engagement

Why do they choose co-working? We call it ACE. ACE stands for Agility, Culture, and Engagement. Co-working companies offer all three. Most Landlords offer none.
First, agility allows a business to be nimble. It also enables the scalability that today’s companies need and demand. Many co-working companies have suites of varying sizes. They are ready-to-occupy, with all the amenity bells and whistles. They offer businesses the ability to move to a larger or smaller suite when needed (like elastic).
Second, companies choose co-working because it’s “easy”. They can plug and play. As a result, finding and moving to new space doesn’t interrupt their business. Real estate does not have to be a distraction.
Finally, businesses are currently undergoing talent wars. As a result, recruiting and retaining talent is more important than ever. They sell their culture to win the best talent. In order to do that, employers must find a space that aligns with their culture.
Many vital companies’ core values align with the features co-working companies offer. These may include a wellness room, espresso and beverage services, snacks, or fitness. In other words, amenities are key.
Similarly, engagement in the workplace stimulates creativity, collaboration, and corporate alignment. Often co-working companies offer workplace activities, networking events, shared spaces, and concierge services. These types of amenities help keep everyone engaged.
To conclude, the CRE industry is ready to be disrupted. Co-working offers amenities that align with culture and improve employee engagement. In addition, co-working companies provide businesses with a flexibility and agility that a 10-year lease simply cannot. In other words, co-working is an industry disrupter.
Visit to discover all types of move-in-ready space in seconds.

CoeoSpace, a Platform Company, Connects People and Teams With Move-In-Ready Commercial Real Estate Launches

Find move-in-ready space in seconds

PITTSBURGHMarch 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Commercial real estate industry veteran Kim Ford, LEED AP, announces the formation of CoeoSpace, a tech-enabled online marketplace that will redefine how people find and share commercial real estate.
CoeoSpace connects people and teams with move-in-ready, flexible workspaces in seconds. It enables tenants and brokers the ability to find, share, tour and book space quickly and easily. This curated marketplace uses a scientific algorithm matching the desired amenities of a space to the specific user’s needs. The platform (always free for the user) then connects the user directly to the host, where they can schedule a tour or book the space.
The business idea came from Ms. Ford and other industry executives who saw the demand for a universal PropTech solution in the decentralized and fragmented commercial real estate industry. “We understand the changing needs of today’s companies that are demanding more flexibility and immediate results. Business leaders don’t want to be distracted with real estate,” says Ms. Ford.
Having worked in the industry for over 22 years, Ms. Ford wanted to create a solution that benefits all sides of the real estate transaction including brokers, landlords, co-working companies, businesses and individuals looking to find or share space. Businesses with empty offices and workstations now have a place to share their extra space. Landlords and co-working companies now have a place to showcase their speculative suites and amenities, making CoeoSpace’s open source platform the only place to find all move-in-ready space, including co-working, second-generation spaces, speculative suites, subleases and meeting rooms.
The CoeoSpace team is looking forward to using its agile design and scalability to grow exponentially with the demands of its users. CoeoSpace’s software is developed to enable efficiency and transparency in the rapidly changing commercial real estate industry.
“I’m excited to work with Kim and her team as they use their expertise and vision to transform the way real estate is consumed,” said Kevin Shrier, former CEO of The Parking Spot. Ford stated that Shrier was selected to be the first member of CoeoSpace’s board due to his unique experience in starting a company and growing it to a value of over $1 billion in a related industry as well as his entrepreneurial drive and spirit.
CoeoSpace is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and currently has staff in Pittsburgh, Chicago and

About CoeoSpace
CoeoSpace connects people and teams with move-in-ready, flexible workspace. The software enables users the ability to find, share, schedule a tour or book space in seconds. CoeoSpace uses a custom-match scoring algorithm to join users with space by matching the amenities they desire with available spaces in the areas they select. CoeoSpace, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is currently active in more than 20 U.S. cities and growing daily.
For more information, please contact:
Madison Nolte , National Portfolio Director

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March 25th, 2019 14:00 ET